Discover the fastest way to build a new you...

How To Live A Happier, Healthy Life Without Medication, Dieting Or Spending Hours in the Gym

How To Live A Happier, Healthy Life Without Medication, Dieting Or Spending Hours in the Gym

Discover the fastest way to build a new you...

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Our program emphasizes mindfulness in eating and healthy lifestyle habit changes which boost metabolism to accelerate the weight loss process.
Our goal is to break down the weight loss journey into a simple step by step process, one small habit change at a time, to reduce frustration by setting conditions for inevitable success during week one, building on that process over the course of 12 weeks, with an end result of habit change that has just become a part of who you are. We address the inner and outer game of weight loss, shifting mindset towards acceptance and self care, mindfulness at meal time, stress management, sleep hygiene, mindful movement, and more.
Our emphasis is on non scale victories: improved sleep, energy, movement, confidence, quality of life, and progress over perfection. Our focus is on supporting you, holding you accountable to meeting YOUR goals, empowering you to feel good in the skin you are in WHILE you are on a weight loss journey.


Jen is the founder of Jen Gaudet coaching services and the bestselling author of Over My Dead Body: The Art of Saying NO: A Step by Step Journey Towards Boundaries That Stick. 

Jen is an awesome transformational coach who will challenge you to be your best self.
International best-selling author, life strategist and speaker, Jen Gaudet empowers high impact individuals and groups to elevate their life, health and business. Learning a maximized impact in their organizations and communities through self care, stress management, and mindset.

With 21 years in Sports Medicine and Sport Performance working with elite collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes, Jen ups the ante, bringing mindset work and human performance to LIFE, challenging leaders everywhere to elevate their game.

By empowering leaders to elevate their game, the ripple effect impacts employees, families, and communities to take charge of their health and lives.

 It’s time to be BE the change we want to See in our world, and it starts with us!

Mark Morrison M.S.

Hi, my name is Mark Morrison. I’m the founder of Invigor8 coaching LLC. My background is in Exercise Science where I have a Masters in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Houston and Bachelors in Sport & Exercise Science from Edinburgh Napier University. I have been working as an exercise physiologist and health coach for almost 20 years.

I have worked at hospitals, Cardiac Rehab, Sports Medicine facilities, gym, ​ and Universities overseas and in the United States. I also have a strong background in metabolic testing to help with weight loss. I have trained hundreds of clients over the years to help them lose weight and reach their goals. I'm all about preventative medicine and the holistic approach whenever possible. 

I have a strong science and research background and like to focus on data driven performance measures over time because what gets measured gets managed. I like to track my clients progress whether it's body fat or inches lost, changes in metabolism or VO2 max. I have many useful health and life coaching tools at my disposal that I can't wait to share with you to help you become the best version of yourself!

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